your child is a pure reflection of your thinking

Your child is a pure reflection of your thinking.  Whatever you think of yourself, you cannot help but think the same about your child.

Kathy WhiteFounder Joyful Parents
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Baby Shoes. Never Worn

When I came across Ernest Hemingway’s six line short story I started to cry. For Sale. Baby Shoes. Never Worn. The biggest event of my life was the death of my son Ben. He was stillborn after a very normal pregnancy and I went into labour at full term spontaneously. He just didn’t make it.… [read more]


Are You A Crazed Parent ?

When I talk to people about JOYFUL PARENTS people sometimes think that if you want to be a joyful parent you have to be “happy” all the time.
I can assure you I am not. [read more]

The Treasure Within Spiral Cover

Joyful Parents Handbook

Use the Joyful Parent’s Handbook and discover how to raise you children with more joy. [read more]

parenting through peace e-course

Parenting through Peace

The path towards greater peace as a parent…. I will send you new exercises and activities each week, all designed to help you grow your awareness and help you increase your parenting peace. I’ve put my heart and soul into creating this 5 week e-course to guide and support you.

Price: $57 [read more]

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Parent Coaching

Without judgement, without prescriptive advice, discover your own sweet way as a mum or dad, find your own natural parenting skills and drop the guilt of getting it wrong… To discover more about Parenting with Presence coaching – contact me for a free strategy session. Group Coaching is also available. [read more]