No matter what language they speak, no matter what age their child, no matter what style of parenting they have,  EVERY parent I have ever spoken to worries about whether they are getting it right. You too probably worry whether what you are doing is right for your child.

Almost every parent I meet has some sense of guilt or shame for some of the  things they have done  as a parent.

Joyful Parents events are unique in that I don’t offer advice.  I don’t believe in a “right” way.  I love to point you back to your own sweet nature, your own innate natural connection to yourself and to reconnect you to your child so that you can rest in the deep peace and joy of being a parent.

I am so very grateful for the opportunity to meet parents through the events I run, the invitations I have to visit other countries and speak with groups of parents from all over the world.

I have run or will be running  events in Scotland, Switzerland, The Bahamas, Kuwait, Ireland, London, Poland and Spain.  If you wish to invite me to present to parents in your local area please don’t hesitate to ask.


IMG00031-20100513-1618Do you wonder what parenting is really all about? Are you sometimes in despair about how difficult you find your children ? Would you like to NOT get to the end of the day exhausted, fed up and short tempered? Would you love to find the delight, magic and treasure of connection between you and… [read more]

Alternative Family Holiday in Greece!

Kalikalos Kids Summer 2014Joyful Parents ! Joyful Kids ! An Alternative Family Holiday – a Fantastic Fun Filled Family Fortnight in Greece in 2015 ! Please check the Kalikalos,website for more details.  We will not be running the family fortnight this year, but our dear friend Dorota will be guiding you if you choose to join her for… [read more]

Alternative Family Holiday

Erraid Fence

For an alternative family holiday, spend time with your family on Erraid, a unique island with all the majestic beauty of the Scottish Hebrides. Join the community rhythms for a week (or two) and let you and your children have a simple and soulful experience.

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london Workshop Joyful Parents London In my Joyful Parents workshops I don’t pretend to be some shining example of a perfect parent.  I hope that instead with my  humour,  honesty and a little dose of  courage I journey with you to willingly  face the challenges and difficulties, the joys and the inspiration that raising children is all about.… [read more]