Do you wonder what parenting is really all about?

  • Are you sometimes in despair about how difficult you find your children ?
  • Would you like to NOT get to the end of the day exhausted, fed up and short tempered?
  • Would you love to find the delight, magic and treasure of connection between you and your child?

I have friends in Ireland, who have invited me to present my experiences of using inquiry and appreciation in a Joyful Parents Event. I share my experiences of becoming a better parent to myself and to my kids. And I lead you through exercises and discussions so you can do the same. I invite you to join me and uncover the blocks that maybe in your way from having the relationship you have always wanted to have with your children.

I know personally how wonderful it is to drop the worry and guilt about being not good enough or not getting it right as a parent, join me in Dublin and together let’s all REMEMBER WHY WE WANTED TO BE PARENTS IN THE FIRST PLACE!

I really know it is possible to discover NEW ways to be with and enjoy your children… ways to connect, communicate, have fun and truly enjoy the gift that your children truly are in your life.

Take a pause from your busy life and join me and other parents in Dublin  for your peace, your children’s peace and for your family’s peace and happiness.

Schedule:  March 2014  (Dates to be announced)

9:30 am – 5.30 pm*

Kathy will also give a FREE parenting talk  entitled “Joyful Parents – how to connect to the joy of raising children”  in March before the workshop starts – please if you want to be notified of the date of the next Joyful Parents Dublin Event simply join Joyful Parents.