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 Joyful Parents London

Looking at your child can be a pure reflection of yourself

In my Joyful Parents workshops I don’t pretend to be some shining example of a perfect parent.  I hope that instead with my  humour,  honesty and a little dose of  courage I journey with you to willingly  face the challenges and difficulties, the joys and the inspiration that raising children is all about. In a Joyful Parents workshop I introduce you  to a simple and profoundly effective way to get beyond the stress and find your peace and happiness called “The Work of Byron Katie”.

Through inquiry I offer you a way to transform blocks and stress to free you up to have the relationship you long to have with your children.  You can discover for yourself how your worry and guilt  are simply unfounded and actually see how you are a good enough parent.  I love when parents discover that they are getting it right in this territory of parenting and you’ll be shown new ways to find the treasure of a loving, peaceful, conscious connection to yourself and your children.

In a Joyful Parents workshop you can  discover ways to be with and enjoy your children… that bring you delight, joy and peace ways to connect, communicate, have fun and truly love the gift they are in your life.

Join us in London for your peace, your children’s peace and for your family’s peace and happiness.


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